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The Dutch director, writer and producer Waltman, age 45, has been involved with the production of films, comics and music since a young age. From his own company “Boegbeeld Films” he produces commercial films since the mid-nineties, including national and international commercials.

It has been his dream for years to make a long documentary.


From mid-2013 Marc Waltman, together with friend and producer Jean-Paul van Mierlo, took on the challenge to produce the documentary “Walking in the Opposite Direction” about Adrian Borland. Due to a limited budget Waltman took on the script, the direction and the editing himself and spent many spare hours on the project with full dedication and determination. With pride he will make his debut in the category long films at the IDFA 2016. 


Jean-Paul van Mierlo, age 53, is a great fan of the English musician/songwriter Adrian Borland and his band the Sound. The music and lyrics of Adrian Borland run through Jean-Paul’s life like a red line. Important events and emotions are always related to ‘Ade’ (Adrian) for him.

Inspired by the film “Searching for Sugarman”, it was high time for Jean-Paul, as great fan of the English musician/songwriter Adrian Borland and his band the Sound, to film the life story of Adrian. He took the plunge and involved his friend and filmmaker Marc Waltman in his ideas.

With his enthusiasm and power of persuasion Jean-Paul managed to get everyone involved in the project. Because of the personal relationship he established with Bob, Adrian’s father, he got the exclusivity and the trust of Bob to be allowed to do this. From that moment Jean-Paul was ‘self-appointed’ producer’ and the big adventure started, that means more to him than the fulfilment of a childhood dream.

Jean-Paul is co-initiator and writer of the posthumously released booklet Adrian Borland: ‘Book of (Happy) Memories’ (2002). 

MARTIJN PRINS (camera, sound)

Since 2002 Martijn Prins (age 42) has worked in the audio-visual sector with a passion for music and documentaries. Meanwhile Martijn has great experience in audio, photography and camera work. After he worked as a sound technician for many years, he was captured by the camera virus and since then he works with great passion on filming in vary diverse situation.

Through his bass guitar Martijn came into touch with the music of The Sound when he was 15 and therefore also with Adrian Borland. Martijn was immediately sold. When he heard that a documentary was being produced about Adrian Borland, Martijn immediately offered himself as cameraman. Partly due to the voluntary commitment of Martijn the documentary “Walking in the Opposite Direction” was created. 


After a professional music career, among others, as drummer of the successful band ‘Grof Geschut’, Thijn Teeuwissen (age 47) has been a professional cameraman since 2003. Apart from television work and commercials, Thijn also shoots documentaries like “Peace, memories” from Anton de Kom (Award for ‘Best short film’ at the Trinidad and Tobago film festival 2012) and the sports documentary 'Oud Zweet' (Winner NL award 2009).

Together with director Marc Waltman and producer Jean-Paul van Mierlo, whom he both knew already, Thijn took on the big adventure to record the life of Adrian Borland. Thijn: ‘I experienced the process a bit like the life of Adrian Borland: a journey full of ups and downs. But all together I am ever so proud that I was part of it”. 

BEN TIJSMA (Additional Music)

Musician Ben Tijsma (age 50) produces soundscapes by using various tools. His favourite instruments are guitar, bass mandolin, sitar, dulcimer, ukulele, banjo 'ngoni and also with processed audio fragments and electronics. Ben produced that additional music for “Walking in the Opposite Direction”.

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